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Friends of Nurse Midwifery in Illinois

The Friend of Illinois Midwifery honor is awarded to an non-CNM individual or organization who has provided significant support to the practice of Nurse Midwifery in the state.

2018  Jo Anne Lindberg, Birthlink founder
2016  Marco Martinez, MD (Elmhurst Clinic)
2015  Little Company of Mary

2014  PCC Wellness

2013  Steve Daube, MD (Hinsdale/OMG)

2012  Physicians of West Suburban Women's Heath 

2011  James Gomez, MD
2010  no nominee

2009  Rosemary White-Traut, RN

2008  John Wilhelm, MD

2007  Susan Porio, MD

2006  Beth Tze, West Suburban Hospital Administrator

2005  Sarah Kilpatrick, MD

2004  Hyde Park Prent Support Network
2003  Kim Abel, RN

2002  Dorval Carter, MD
2001  William J Farley, MD
2000  Atef Moawad, MD
1999  Stephanie Altman, JD

1997  Sister Sheila Lyne, Commissioner CDPH

1995  John Barton, MD

1994  Carol Ronen, Illinois State Representative

1993  Whitney Addington, MD
1992  William Shafer, MD
1998  Sue Clark, INA Lobbyist
1991  August Webster, MD
1996  Jeff Maurus, MD

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